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Friend: Do you use Tumblr? It's so funny!
Me: eh...sometimes...I'm not that into it
Friend: Aw I was gonna say follow me! Oh well
Me: Yeah sorry :/
Me: *continues to be a world famous blogger*
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I’m taking an Italian course during Fall and I’m so excited. I’ve been wanting to improve the super broken and little Italian I currently know for YEAAAAARS :D

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modern romance

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"People aren’t always going to be there for you, that’s why you learn to handle things on your own"

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Daily reminder that my boyf is the cutest boy ever

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i hate when people question the validity of someone’s musical knowledge. it’s even worse when the two people like the same type(s) of music. like, are you really so bent on some superiority bullshit that you’re going to laugh at someone for expressing interest? even if they don’t know as much as you, maybe they love it but have just recently been exposed to it. please grow the fuck up. build your scene up, don’t break it down.

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Who IS the enemy?

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A 50 year old man underwent brain surgery for a subdural hematoma caused by his excessive headbanging to music by Motorhead


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